Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Software Compared


Doctors use practice management software to manage the day-to-day operations of medical practices. On the other hand, they use Hipaa compliant Gmail programs to manage the practice of medicine. Electronic medical records are similar in function to practice management systems. Both systems store demographic information about the patient and patient health information. Both programs are complaint with the HIPAA privacy laws. But, there are major differences. Practice management software is an application that manages patient appointments and medical billing. The practice management application stores billing information using a set of medical codes see this. Medical coding is the assignment of letters and numbers to diseases, injuries and surgeries. The medical coding information is shared with insurance companies to process claims. However, electronic medical records are used doctors to create and store patient health information. They are used by physicians to create more detailed medical records. This is no need to enter information about billing and appointments.

Google Glass and EMR: A Great Technological Combination

Technology is the one thing in this age which knows no limit. All thanks to the technicians, scientists, researchers, developers and all the genius engaged in gifting human beings with more and more advanced technologies in different fields of life. Digital media has also undergone lot of revolutionary changes in the last decade. EMR software usage in medical field is one such great combination where electronic media is extensively being used in healthcare sector. However technicians are now thinking about bring about more innovative development into this EMR usage.

Google Glass – What is it?

Google Glass is a device that has been developed by Google to make computing easier and flexible. This is a wearable computer device with a light weight easy to carry optical head mounted display or OHMD. Google has initiated partnership with globally renowned optical brands like Ray Ban, Luxottica, Oakley and other reputed brands.

How will it help making EMR available in Google Glass?
For medical practitioners and medical lab workers reaching for the desktop and keyword all the time in between their work find it cumbersome. The EMR software can now be accessed from a web server or a cloud based server through desktops, laptops, Smartphone and tablets. It would really be much more flexible to work for all medical practitioners if EMR can be made available in this ultra tech device, Google Glass for hospitals.

How could EMR on Google Glass be helpful?

Enhanced Flexibility: With EMR software access Google glass will be, getting a break from accessing your computer every time you need to access a patient record. Medical works are quite hectic, with busy clinic schedules, or while taking rounds in the hospital.
Greater Interaction: With no hassle of referring to the computer all the time the practitioners can build greater interaction with the patient.

3-D Imaging: Comparing a previous test with a current test will help a practitioner analyze the condition or improvement of a patient better and faster. With the help of a second projector a 3 dimensional effect can be created that can be highly helpful for medical practices like Ophthalmology.

Emergency Access: You can easily access all the records of a patient in emergency cases, while not in a clinic, or while holding a surgical action etc.

3-D Video: In surgeries like that of a removing a cataract a doctor needs to depend on viewing depth. A 3-D video can help to make vivid illustration of this visual in a more effective way.

Therefore incorporating EMR software into Google Glass will not only be an innovative and revolutionary step in the technological arena but will also is a boon for medical practitioners. It will make their work easier; will provide them an upper hand in accessing essential records in cases of emergencies or in critical situations. Since the purpose of all technological advancement is making work easier and convenient, this would also be a great step for all healthcare personals. Thus, if EMR can really be incorporated in Google Glass, healthcare units will be extremely benefited.